SJFM is Sydney's first 24-hour Smooth Jazz station, broadcasting from Darling Habour, Kings Cross and Maroubra. It encompasses the Sydney CBD, Inner Suburbs and Eastern Suburbs beaches exclusively.
We also reach part of the affluent North Shore. SJFM proudly caters to a niche market - and a rewarding one.

SJFM forms part of the Robert's Media Group - specialists in broadcasting, publishing and entertainment promotions for 22 years.

At SJFM, we focus on minimal advertising and maximum smooth music with the competitive advantages of ownership of the station, full-time licences and digital broadcasting studios.
NB : Sydney Smooth Jazz Radio is unique !

Our streamlined team includes these suave, sophisticated & slightly eccentric individuals who are committed to bringing you the future of Sydney's dance radio...
AKA God! The
Managing Director and Founder of RM Media.
22 years history in Publishing, Broadcasting and Entertainment Promotion.
Marketing & Communications Manager.
Coffee-maker extraordinaire, in-house psychologist and Jill-of-all-trades. Email your thoughts, may even be published on our website if you can email me something profound, intriguing or intelligent!

Current Programme Director.
Over 10 years experience in all facets of radio....commericial, national & international. Also has an aerodynamic hairdo... maintained every two weeks!
As well as these key players we have a team of Promoters, Audio Producers, Engineers and our Office Crew keeping the plush ambience of SJ FM happening twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year round - and on and on and on!               
 You can't stop the music.